LoveHandle PRO MagSafe

LoveHandle PRO MagSafe


  • The LoveHandle PRO MagSafe is the ultimate companion to the LoveHandle PRO for iPhone 12, 13, and 14 users who love wireless charging with MagSafe accessories.

  • The magnetic LoveHandle MagSafe® Adapter features Easy on. Easy off. Easy charge. LoveHandle MagSafe allows you to enjoy a comfortable grip, instant kickstand, magnetic mounting to metal surfaces, and the LoveHandle PRO Mount, with the added convenience of removability for wireless charging access.

  • Our MagSafe® Adapter uses magnets that are stronger than the competition, making it more secure for your phone.

  • Features:

    • Built-in magnets securely attach to MagSafe-compatible cases for maximum grip and kickstand capabilities.
    • Wirelessly charge your iPhone by simply sliding off the magnetic LoveHandle and setting it on a wireless charging pad.
    • Silicone strap makes it easy to text with one hand, snap with friends and watch videos hands-free
    • LoveHandle PRO Magsafe is compatible with MagSafe® Cases and iPhones 12 and up.
    • Dimensions 3.5 x 2.25 In.
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